Chocolate Fantasy Fountain Rentals


   Mini Dessert Parfaits



Our 5 ounce Mini Dessert Parfaits are in a word Delicious.

Customized to your taste. You choose 3 or 4 layers. Usually

a pudding, mousse or custard on the bottom. Then add a pastry,

cookie, candy or cake. A fruit topping could then be added and

topped off with fresh whipped creme. You can even decorate

your creation with and array of seasonal sprinkles.


With a Chocolate Fountain $2.00 each (Minimum 100)

Without a Chocolate Fountain $3.00 each (Minimum 100)


 Below is a list suggestions for each layer of our Mini Dessert Parfaits.

Pudding             Cake                 Candy                 Toppings         Sprinkles                Fruit Slice     

Vanilla              Pound                M & M’s               Strawberry      Rainbow                 Kiwi             

Chocolate         Chocolate Chip    Reese’s Cups        Cherry           Chopped Nuts         Strawberries     

Banana            Chocolate Fudge  Butter Finger        Chocolate       Chocolate              Apple

Coconut           Banana Nut        Chocolate Chips     Caramel          Non- Pareils           Banana

Butter Scotch   Carrot                M & M w/ Peanuts  Pineapple       Shred. Coconut       Orange

Lemon              Peanut Butter     Three Musketeers                      Maraschino Cherry         

Oreo                Brownie             Jr. Mints

Pistachio          Oreo                  Kit Kat

Tapioca                                   Tootsie Rolls

 ** Please keep in mind that Puddings can be made in just about any color regardless of flavor**



Banana / Apple Foster

Bananas or Apples are cooked in a fiery bubbling pan of dark brown sugar, butter, banana liqueur and cinnamon and served over vanilla ice cream with walnuts in this elegant New Orleans dessert.


With Chocolate Fountain Rental - $2.50 per person


   New York Cheesecake Fantasy



 Everyone love New York Cheesecake. Our delicious flavors will

 intrigue your most discriminating guests.



  With Chocolate Fountain Rental - $2.75 per person

         Partial list of available flavors.


      - Plain

     - Key Lime

     - Turtle

     - Strawberry Swirl  

     - Chocolate Silk

     - Cherry Swirl

     - Reese's Peanut Butter Cup           

     - Oreo   



     Strawberries and Cream



  Nothing is better than our fresh whipped cream sweetened

  to perfection! We take this ageless romantic dessert to new 

  heights. A very reasonable dessert priced to taste sweet to

  the tightest of budgets!



  With Chocolate Fountain - $1.25 per person



    Coffee & Tea Stations    



  Enjoy Caffine and Caffine Free 100% Columbian Coffee       

  for your guests. We will bring all nessessary supplies.



  $3.00 per person with Chocolate Fountain

                                                    (Minimum 100 guests)



                      We supply the following.


                         - Sugar

                         - Sugar Substitute      

                         - Half and Half

- Tea Bags

- Lemon Slices

- Stirrers




Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate



  Enjoy delicious fresh whipped Creamy Hot

  Beverages from our portable dispenser. You

  can enjoy up to three different flavors, or two

  flavors and Hot Water for Tea.



  $2.00 per person with chocolate Fountain

                                         (Minimum 100 guests)



     Enjoy up three of the following Flavors.


  •            -Hazelnut
  •            -Apple Pie
  •            -Chocolate Raspberry
  •            -Cinnamon Vanilla Nut
  •            -Double Mocha
  •            -French Vanilla
  • -Peanut Butter Cup        
  • -Almond Amaretto
  • -Pumpkin Spice
  • -Raspberry Vanilla
  • -Swiss Mocha
  • -White Chocolate Caramel
  • -White Chocolate Raspberry